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About Playwrite

A Tradition of Success

The Playwrite Group Plc stands on the solid success of its 19th Century foundations. We began back in the 1880's with the Oppenheimer and Cornelius toy and stationery businesses, and over the succeeding 130 years we developed our expertise in finding and creating worthwhile products with Quality and Value.

Playwrite has made huge progress and is now moving from the old mill it has occupied since 2001 to a new distribution centre, with single level storage, mechanical handling and closer access to arterial road transport links. Our warehouse staff has massive experience built over many decades and all of them will be transferring to the new facility, to maintain and enhance our service.

We work in a modern and demanding marketplace, and customers now expect their products to be delivered quicker. With the ease of ordering online, they can now take advantage of our increased efficiency and 24 hour delivery (not applicable during busy Christmas period). This internet-driven, customer-focused approach means that Playwrite will be running an even more streamlined operation, and can serve our customers better.

Talk with Real People!

Calling our Direct Sales Line +44 (0) 207 683 1288 - puts you in touch with one of our sales team. They have a wealth of experience, they know our products, and they can give you up to date information, and help you to choose products which are right for your business.

Toys that Children Choose

Our customers call us "The Pocket Money People". We sell the sort of Toys, Party Bag Gifts, Fun Stationery and Party Products that children choose. We continue to create products with enduring appeal to children and a better return for our customers.

Quality and Value

Playwrite has a long established reputation for Quality and Service, winning National Awards for Distribution Excellence in 3 successive years and, uniquely, a commemorative plaque to mark 60 years of support for the Harrogate Christmas & Gift Fair. Playwrite has exhibited at the Birmingham NEC Spring Fair since its foundation.

Playwrite is proud to be the longest established member of TOYCRED. This is the "Blue Chip" Toy Safety accreditation standard for the toy industry, and is your assurance that all necessary steps are taken to ensure that the products we place on the market are safe.

Not one of our products is promoted on TV! We don't inflate our prices with advertising costs. Experience shows that our customers get a far better return from any of our products than from the risky, over-hyped and TV advertised products, which we have all seen rise and then fall into obscurity.

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Recycling Information

We have to use some packaging. It's the only way we can be sure our products reach you in good condition, but because we take our environmental responsibility very seriously, we are always looking at ways to improve the materials we use, and to eliminate excess packaging.

We use recycled cardboard for most packaging purposes, rather than the bulky foam plastic packaging used by our competitors. All our packaging is 100% recyclable, and we are members of a nationwide recycling scheme.

The same reasoning dictates that wherever practicable we use recycled plastic in our products, and our wooden toys are made from fast growing rubberwood which has completed its latex-producing cycle, rather than precious hardwood.

Into the Future

Customers know that we are constantly introducing New Products to fulfil our aim of providing Quality and Value. We enable our customers to get a decent return on their money. This is what has created the loyalty of our customers, and this is the enduring strength of our company.

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Leeds Distribution Centre

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